eric lopresti


Eric LoPresti, Chromophore (Knothole, Palette), unique digital print, 2017


Eric LoPresti:   An Ocean of Light


12 April  - 26 May 2018

Burning in Water is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Eric LoPresti. The exhibition will open on April 5 in our New York gallery space at 317 10th Avenue. 

"Most nuclear test sites are underground, even the ones in North Korea. As a culture, we really don't have a good image of what that is. As a painter, when something so important has no visualization in the cultural imagination, that's where I feel like I can step in and bring something to the table." -Eric LoPresti
Video by Reuters 1/26/2018



Eric LoPresti makes artwork that examines the imposition of technology upon the environment and the aftermath of the Cold War. His dramatic landscapes juxtapose abstract elements with representations of the vast deserts of the American West, exploring relationships between science, identity, history, and conflict.

Following in the painterly tradition of the apocalyptic sublime, LoPresti explores how trauma and beauty shape our lives.

LoPresti holds a BA in Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester and an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Past solo exhibitions include Blooms at Elizabeth Houston Gallery (NYC), Blueprint Paintings at University of Rochester (New York), No Blue Skies at Kunsthalle Galapagos (NYC) and Test Site at the Smithsonian National Atomic Museum (Las Vegas). He is the recipient of the Faber Birren Foundation Award and the Miami Young Painters.