Valerie Hegarty in Dorsky Gallery

Valerie Hegarty is in a new show called Molding / Mark-Making: Ceramic Artists and their Drawings at Dorsky Gallery curated by Margaret Matthews-Berenson and Allison Peller. It is on view at Dorsky through March 25, 2018. 

The exhibit points toward the development of ceramic as fine art rather than craft:

         For the artists in Molding/Mark-making, the lure of the ceramic medium is more allied with the primacy of touch, intent, and innovation that with strict adherence to standard exceptions or vessel forms. They also use clay's transmutable nature in a metaphoric way to explore conceptual themes and issues-politics, nature, the environment, climate change, the body, gender identity and more.      

-Dorsky Brochure

Bowl of Peaches with Holes