Exploding Watermelons, Post-Trump Art and the Indigenous American Berserk

Valerie Hegarty:  American Berserk

Burning in Water is pleased to present a series of videos in conjunction with American Berserk, a solo exhibition of new work by the Brooklyn-based artist Valerie Hegarty. The videos feature a walk-through of the exhibition by the artist in dialogue with art historian Marisa Kayyem.

The American Berserk video series is accessible via the links below or on the Burning in Water Gallery video channel.

Part 1:      Ghost of History (5:00)

Part 2:      Altered States (5:43)

Part 3:      Fruit Faces  (3:48)

Part 4:      Exploding Watermelons (3:56)

Part 5:      Kill Your Master  (6:39)

American Berserk - Complete  (25:05)

American Berserk is on view at Burning in Water in New York City through January 21.