Met Museum

Trump Administration Policies to Disrupt International Art Collaborations


The Trump Administration's sweeping, if ambiguous, new immigration policies will have profound effects on international, collaborative arts programming. Thomas P. Campbell, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, recognizes that the new policies will undermine efforts to improve relationships with the effected nations through art and cultural exchange:

“Scholarly exchanges and international collaborations are key to our ongoing work, and we are very concerned that a number of programs we have in place could be threatened, just at a time when the world needs more, not less, exchange and mutual understanding.”

Met curator Kim Benzel notes that the exhibitions likely to be disrupted would have provided a focus on themes of freedom and human rights in a historical, cross-cultural context:

“[The impact of Trump Administration policies] is particularly ironic, given that the earliest formulation of what we recognize today as the concept of habeas corpus was expressed in the Codex Hammurabi, an ancient Iraqi monument about justice, set up in public so that all citizens could access their rights.” 

“It was one of the many contributions of Iraq to the world, and in this case, to democracy itself,” she added. “Where and how did things go so wrong?”